Happier People = Happier Places

As an ethical and sustainable organisation, you care about your people as much as you care about our planet.

You know that happier people = happier, engaged, and more productive workplaces. But that’s not always easy to achieve.

Instead, your organisation’s leaders might be saying things like...

"How do we create a culture where people feel inspired and want to do their best?"

"Our teams could be working together better."

"I need help with having difficult conversations."

"Our managers need to empower their teams more effectively."

"We want our people to bring new ideas and innovative thinking to the business."

They are not alone.

These are common challenges that many middle to senior leaders and executive teams face. To get past them, sometimes all that’s needed is someone objective to help you see the bigger picture, drill down into the detail, join the dots, and develop an effective solution.

I do precisely that and in a way that perfectly complements your sustainability goals and processes.

Your Eco-Conscious Leadership Development Consultant

Hi, I'm Kate.

I believe we can make our workplaces positive spaces where both people and the planet can thrive.

I help purpose-driven organisations achieve this by helping their leaders and teams gain clarity, connection, and confidence.

  • Clarity is about helping people see the wood for the trees by understanding their unique strengths, what they want to achieve, and what might be getting in the way.
  • Connection is about enabling people to be energised and productive by building more meaningful relationships with the people they work with and the systems they work within.
  • Confidence is supporting people to develop their self-belief and the skills and techniques to have better quality conversations and accomplish their goals.

I love nothing more than helping good people refine these elements to get the best out of themselves and others.

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Kind Words From Clients and Collaborators

  • Liz Hancock
    I would highly recommend Kate as an executive coach; she is an absolute professional and uses a range of experience and techniques to appropriately support and challenge, which really helped me move towards my development goals.
    Liz Hancock
    Liz Hancock, Chief Executive at Harrogate Homeless Project Ltd
  • Roland Barzegar
    I would wholly recommend Kate Smith to any business and senior management team in both a 1:1 executive coaching capacity and as a consultant who can help develop leadership teams. As a 1:1 coach, Kate has provided me with great insight, challenge and support to be able to challenge any limiting beliefs that were acting as barriers to resolving issues or achieving goals. This has been so valuable that as I transition to a new senior role in another business, I will continue to work with Kate into the foreseeable future. Kate also provided our senior leadership team with a number of really valuable team development sessions that brought the team together and significantly improved our communication, and removed any silo mentality. I would recommend this development programme from Kate to any leadership team.
    Roland Barzegar
    CFO at 7Technologies
  • Jo Glover
    Kate has a real passion for developing others, and this sits at the heart of everything she does. She is an experienced designer of blended learning solutions, has excellent facilitation skills and is a great coach. I wouldn’t hesitate using her again, especially to design and/or deliver management and leadership programmes.
    Jo Glover
    Jo Glover, Head of Organisational Development & Engagement at EMIS Group plc

Personalised Programmes and a Fuss-Free Process

I believe every organisation and each individual within it is unique. So, my development solutions are always 100% customised to your company’s particular needs, objectives, and budget.

Clients like my positive, straightforward style and the transformative experiences I create. They appreciate that my focus is always on empowering and encouraging their people rather than lecturing them.

My core services include...

Development for Trailblazers Who Do Things Differently

You didn't get where you are today by conforming, being ordinary, or following all the rules.

Your organisation prides itself on being a purpose-driven innovator in sustainability. So...

These are not pipedreams. They're tangible possibilities.

I believe your organisation can be a place where both people and the planet can thrive.

Contact me today to find out how


My Commitments to Sustainability

Besides helping sustainable organisations thrive through my services, I am fully committed to creating a safe and healthy future for us all. I run my business in the greenest way possible and regularly support planet-positive organisations.

You're welcome to read more about my impact here.