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Purpose-led organisations can face unique challenges. As the business expands, these stumbling blocks often put a strain on the business’s leaders. Maintaining a positive company culture can be incredibly challenging, and a host of other common leadership difficulties also often begin to pop up.

Professional leadership development is one of the best ways to prevent cultural and management challenges from spiralling out of control. But to be truly effective, your leadership development intervention should be customised to your organisation’s needs and be guided by someone whose values match yours.

With my tailor-made solutions, your executives, managers, or teams will receive personalised programmes that rapidly move them towards your goals whilst keeping your purpose and sustainability efforts in mind.

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Why I Want to Empower Your People to Build a Better Future

Hello, I'm Kate.

I understand that leading a team is both a joy and a challenge. I’ve been there.

For 20 years, I worked in large multinational organisations leading teams and delivering results. I’ve experienced the challenges facing managers and leaders – juggling leading their teams with delivering what’s needed while also keeping an eye on the future. Over that time, I also became aware of climate change and wanted to find a way to play my part in fighting it.

Sustainable and ethical businesses are a core part of the solution to creating not only a world we can all survive in but one where all life can thrive. When people are empowered to be their best authentic selves, they can show more compassion towards themselves, others, and the planet.

This is why I’m using my extensive leadership development expertise to empower purpose-led business people to understand themselves better. I help them focus on their strengths so that they can create a happier, stronger organisation and a better world for everyone.

Beyond helping sustainable organisations to thrive through my services, I am committed to creating a safe and healthy future for us all outside of work too. You’re welcome to read more about my impact here.

Want to know more? Drop me an email, and let's set up a time for a virtual coffee.

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What People Have to Say

  • Paula Briggs
    Working with Kate has been a highlight of my last year. Kate has a real skill in listening and then asking the most pertinent questions, which has really helped me uncover how my thoughts and behaviours are shaped by past experience. She is incredibly patient. The sessions had a lovely pace - calm and steady - which made them not only productive but also pleasurable. Kate helped me gently reach new ways of understanding as to where I was and what I needed to do next. Ultimately, Kate has helped me appreciate my strengths and given me the tools to push through those difficult but inevitable times when we need to dig a little deeper and be brave. I've definitely felt a sense of growth. And this impacts not only me but the team that I work with. I'd thoroughly recommend Kate as Business Coach and/or Mentor.
    Paula Briggs
    CEO and Creative Director, Access Art
  • Ben Langton
    Kate is not only knowledgeable as a real subject matter expert in all things L&D - from the creation and development of content right through to delivery - she’s also approachable, personable and has excellent personal coaching skills. She really seeks to understand the commercial agenda and applies this lens throughout her thinking. A pleasure to work with!
    Ben Langton
    Regional Head of HR at M&S
  • Rasmus Cortnum Andersen,
    With a fantastic ability to 'just do', Kate has a very pragmatic mindset that go for solutions with speed and impact! I have seen many happy leaders in Arla benefit from this. A skilled facilitator with both feet on the ground that always brings a positive mindset and a smile.
    Rasmus Cortnum Andersen,
    Senior Transformation Manager at Arla Foods

Qualifications, Personality, & Approach

Through my extensive experience working with large well-known companies and numerous SMEs, I’ve accumulated a solid bank of leadership development subject expertise and coaching skills. By adding the dual lens of sustainability and regeneration to these, I bring a broader perspective and more empathetic approach to leadership development and enable purpose-led to be the organisations they really want to be.

My professional qualifications include:

My professional qualifications

ILM Level 7 Executive Coach, NLP Practitioner, MBTI® Step 1 Practitioner, Strengthscope® Practitioner, ODIN® Practitioner, Member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council

ILM Level 7 Executive Coach
NLP Practitioner
MBTI® Step 1 Practitioner
Strengthscope® Practitioner
ODIN® Practitioner
Member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council

I’m proud of my accomplishments but don’t take myself too seriously. I have a relaxed style, use humour wherever possible, and am very down-to-earth. I encourage attendees of my programmes to be vulnerable by being open and vulnerable myself. We’re all just people at the end of the day.

I also understand that you’re busy, and so are your leaders. You need development solutions that don’t waste your time with irrelevant fluff. My goal is to provide the most effective development for your people and the best value to your company. Always.

So, first, I listen very carefully to your issues, goals and organisational context.
If needed, this might include time spent talking to your people. I’m curious and perceptive. So, I’m great at extracting the relevant details and connecting the dots.

Step two is to work together to identify areas that will help move your organisation forward.
My suggestions are pragmatic. I won’t tell you what you want to hear but rather what I genuinely believe your organisation needs.

Finally, I design and deliver a solution explicitly crafted to suit your requirements.
This includes work around the following elements, among others:

Building emotional intelligence

Managing and developing team performance

Developing flexible leadership styles

Communication and collaboration

Managing relationships and influencing

Systems thinking, sustainability, and regenerative leadership

My results speak for themselves

I want to see your organisation succeed and realise its vision. Let’s have a chat about how I can help you support, inspire, and develop your passionate, purpose-driven people.

It’s Time to Inspire, Strengthen, and Ignite Your People

I want to see your organisation succeed and realise its vision. Let’s have a chat about how I can help you support, inspire, and develop your passionate, purpose-driven people.

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