Leadership Development for Changemakers

"I want my team to feel empowered, but I don't know how."

"I'm concerned about performance, but I'm unsure how to tackle it."

"My team are remote, and it's hard to know how they're really doing."

"I'd like to spend more time supporting my team, but I don’t have the time."

"I need to have some tricky conversations, but I'm worried about how they'll react."

If any of this sounds familiar, you’re in the right place.

My leadership development solutions won't solve your leaders' problems. Instead, I go a step further by helping them to solve their own problems.

Hi, I'm Kate Smith,

I create bespoke group leadership development sessions, courses, or ongoing programmes for managers and executives in sustainable businesses. Find out more about me here.

The development solutions I offer give your organisation's leaders a relaxed and safe space where they have the opportunity to cultivate clarity, connection, and confidence.

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My Unique Approach

Beyond having a positive environmental and social impact, being a sustainable business means being sustainable for your people too. And that includes the business’s leaders. It’s also about being mindful of the organisation as a system and reminding ourselves of the larger business and global ecosystems we’re a part of.

By framing leadership challenges with this in mind, purpose-driven leaders are supported to not only thrive in their role but bring the whole team along with them while also maximising the business’s potential for planet- and people-positive profit.

How It Works

I’m not a talking head. I facilitate conversation, learning, and insight among leaders.

In every session, I tap into the experience and wisdom of everyone in the room. I help each person find clarity by understanding their strengths and challenging their limiting beliefs. I encourage them to dig deep and strengthen their self-belief so that they can foster connections with colleagues and other stakeholders. Standard cookie-cutter development packages won’t achieve this. That’s why I only offer bespoke solutions based on your organisation’s needs and budget.


I am based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, and am happy to travel to deliver in-person sessions. I also deliver equally effective sessions online. We can discuss and agree on what is best for you and your people when we speak.


You tell me. Contact me today, and let's chat about what you need and when it would suit you to begin your leadership development journey. I look forward to speaking with you.

Not quite ready to take the leadership development leap?

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