What solutions do I offer?

All my work is tailored specifically to your organisation. Your bespoke programme can take the form of one-to-one coaching sessions, leadership development sessions, and/or team development workshops. The initial diagnostic process will help us to decide together what will work best for your organisation.

Typical areas I might work with you include:

Building emotional intelligence
Managing and developing high team performance
Developing flexible leadership styles
Communication and collaboration
Managing relationships and influencing
Leading change
Decision making

Why choose to work with me?

My bespoke leadership and development solutions won't solve your leaders' problems. I go a step further. I help your people solve their own problems.

How do I work?

I'm not a talking head. I facilitate conversation, learning, and insight among leaders.

In every session, I tap into the potential of everyone in the room. I help each person understand their strengths and challenge their limiting beliefs.

I encourage them to dig deep and cultivate their self-belief so that they can extend their influence outwards and take your organisation with them into exciting and positive new territory.

But all while keeping the essence of the organisation as it gets bigger.

Standard cookie-cutter development packages won't achieve this. That's why I only offer bespoke solutions based on your organisation's needs and budget.

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Want to finally tap into your people's potential to optimise the performance of your whole organisation?

Is it time to develop your team's capacity for engagement, agility, innovation, and collaboration?

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I am based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, and am happy to travel to deliver sessions in person. I also deliver equally effective sessions online. We can discuss and agree on what is best for you and your people when we speak.


You tell me. Contact me today, and let's chat about what you need and when it would suit you to begin your leadership development journey. I look forward to chatting with you.


My Commitments to Sustainability

Besides helping sustainable organisations thrive through my services, I am fully committed to creating a safe and healthy future for us all. I run my business in the greenest way possible and regularly support the following organisations: