Tailored Development for Trailblazing Teams

"Communication is surface level. We share information but are missing a deeper understanding of each other."

"Some team members dominate decision-making, making it difficult for everyone to have an equal voice."

"There's underlying conflict or tension which creates an atmosphere, but no one raises it."

"We all get on OK, but we're running out of new ideas and ways of innovating further."

Do any of these statements sound like your team? I can help change that.

I don't solve your team's challenges.
I enable them to solve their own.

Hi, I'm Kate Smith,

I help intact and cross-functional teams work better together so that they can help build a better business and a healthier world.

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By giving your team the tools and skills to nurture their individual and collective clarity, connection, and confidence within a relaxed and safe space, they will be empowered to move forward in a stronger and healthier way.

With my help, team members get to know themselves and their colleagues on a deeper level. They learn how to communicate, utilise their strengths, and work together to create a proactive, growth-focused, and effective team environment. This ultimately enables your business to do more good, better.

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My Unique Approach

Beyond having a positive environmental and social impact, being a sustainable business means making it a sustainable environment for your people too. It's also about being mindful of the organisation as a system and reminding ourselves of the larger business and global ecosystems we’re all a part of.

By framing organisational challenges with this in mind, purpose-driven teams are supported to not only thrive in and of themselves, but also work towards maximising the business's potential for planet- and people- positive profit.

How It Works

My team sessions are relaxed and very interactive - I'm not a talking head. Together we explore what clarity, connection, and confidence mean for each individual and for the team as a whole within their unique context.

I facilitate their exploration of self-awareness and awareness of other perspectives while also helping them to define how they'd like to work together. To do this, I tap into the potential of everyone in the room and encourage each person to understand their own and each other’s strengths while also challenging their limiting beliefs.

Next, we work on consciously cultivating connecting and mutual understanding. This promotes equality within the team, leads to interdependence, and creates a stronger team bond.

However, the most important learning takes place outside our sessions. When teams are encouraged and supported to put what they've learned with me into practice by activating clarity and connection, their confidence will bloom.

Standard cookie-cutter development packages won't achieve this. That's why I only offer bespoke solutions based on your organisation's needs and budget.


I am based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, and am happy to travel to deliver in-person sessions. I also deliver equally effective sessions online. We can discuss and agree on what is best for you and your people when we speak.


You tell me. Contact me today, and let's chat about what you need and when it would suit you to begin your leadership development journey. I look forward to speaking with you.

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