The Ripple Circle

Sustainability Leaders, Unlock Your Impact with The Ripple Circle!

Being responsible for your organisation’s sustainability performance can be both challenging and lonely...

  • You have a clear understanding of environmental and social impact and are keen to drive positive change.
  • You have access to the latest sustainability stats, developments, and potential opportunities.
  • You want to improve your organisation’s resilience to climate change risks and meet legislative requirements.

But carrying the weight of the business's sustainability needs, responsibilities, and commitments, while helping it move forward is a lot, right?

How much easier would life be if you had the unwavering confidence to drive the business’s environmental, social, and governance performance forward effectively and at pace?

What if you could learn all the skills of influence needed to successfully engage multiple key stakeholders in fully supporting the sustainability agenda across the entire organisation?

How would it feel to be able to communicate the company’s impact goals and achievements with ease, creating greater retention rates, increased reputational equity, and easing legislative pressure?

And wouldn’t it be great to have a close-knit sustainability crew to bounce ideas off along the way?

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Introducing The Ripple Circle by Kate Smith, a group designed to support you in developing the skills to thrive in your role and achieve your organisation’s sustainability goals.

The Ripple Circle brings together like-minded sustainability leaders to connect so that we can leverage our collective wisdom to drive positive change.

Through The Ripple Circle, you'll have access to a unique safe, supportive space to chat with other sustainability trailblazers about your aspirations, challenges, and possible opportunities.

You'll not only receive helpful feedback from your peers but professional leadership development on topics that are important to you. Every session will deliver practical, actionable tools tailored to your role and circumstances.

People Skills for Passionate Sustainability Leaders

Hi, I’m Kate Smith,

After 20 years of leading teams and delivering results in large organisations, I left the corporate world to pursue my two passions: leadership development and sustainability.

I now work with businesses to help their people learn the personal and leadership skills needed to create a healthier and happier workplace while driving positive change across the organisation.

Like you, I want to do everything I can to protect and regenerate our beautiful planet. So, outside of work, I contribute to our natural world in a few ways:

  • Member of the Yorkshire and Humber Climate Commission’s Adaptation and Resilience Panel
  • Trustee for the North York Moors Trust
  • Founder and facilitator of the Yorkshire Eco Business Network

I’ve created The Ripple Circle to empower you to gain the clarity, connection, and confidence to build a better business environment for yourself, your colleagues, and the world at large.

Book a free, no-obligation chat with me. I’d be happy to tell you more and answer any questions you might have.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon,

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More Ripples, Less Stress

If being a sustainability leader is more than a job to you, you've come to the right place...

In The Ripple Circle, we understand how it feels to have IPCC report overwhelm.

We get the enormous pressure of being responsible for getting your organisation to where you know it needs to be while avoiding operational, reputational, and capital risks along the way.

And we know what it’s like being unsure if your work is even having the positive effect you feel you should be having in the world.

Not to worry. With The Ripple Circle’s support and Kate’s guidance, you'll gain the clarity, confidence, and connection to succeed on your sustainability mission, minus the stress.

By being a Circle member, you'll develop:

Go from Frustration to Regeneration

Ultimately, The Ripple Circle enables you to feel less pressured and frustrated, more supported, more successful, and happier in driving your organisation to reach net zero, halt biodiversity loss, and hit its social impact targets.

The group offers multiple opportunities to learn how to get the best out of yourself and get the best out of other people, including how to:

  • engage different audiences,
  • influence more effectively,
  • encourage stakeholder buy-in,
  • improve your own resilience,
  • spread ownership and accountability for sustainability beyond your role so that it's not all on your shoulders.

And this all happens within a safe, supportive group of like-minded sustainability allies.

In time, you might even gain the headspace and freedom to extend beyond sustainability and pursue regenerative mindsets, strategies, and systems within your organisation!

How The Ripple Circle Works

The Ripple Circle by Kate Smith offers a uniquely organic, co-creative environment where the content is iterative and bespoke.

Kate will facilitate discussions, listen to your input, and then provide the group with relevant leadership development info, resources, and coaching accordingly. As a result, The Ripple Circle will continuously evolve and change as the participants’ needs and positions change.

Monthly 90-Minute Online Sessions

Every month there is one 90-minute online group session. These alternate between coaching circles and topic-based sessions developed around the needs and challenges of the group.

  • Coaching circles: small groups of up to 4 people sharing challenges. The group will peer- coach each person to help them move forward, with guidance from Kate if needed.
  • Topic-based sessions: introduction and input from Kate followed by further exploration in breakout groups, and sometimes a practical exercise or activity, plus a plenary discussion to share learnings and reflections.

You'll leave every online meet-up with solid, actionable information and tools to take away and apply to your role.

The circles and sessions are not recorded. This is because The Ripple Circle is about interaction and the richness that every individual brings to the group.

Optional Development Sessions

Through The Ripple Circle, you'll have access to half-day virtual workshops for a deeper dive into specific areas of leadership skill development.

In-Person Meet-Ups

As much as it’s convenient for us to meet online, nothing quite beats the fun and camaraderie of an in-person chinwag. So, all Circle members are invited to our half-yearly in-person gatherings. Locations will be announced well ahead of time so that you can make the necessary arrangements to be there.

Flexible Sign-Ups

We understand that in our rapidly changing world, anything can happen. That's why The Ripple Circle doesn't demand long-term or fixed commitments. You are free to come and go as you need to, and this is made easier with quarterly and annual payment options.

For your convenience, payments are accepted on either an annual or quarterly basis and start from £320 plus VAT per quarter.

Limited Participants

To create a safe space for every participant, each group is deliberately kept cosy, with no more than eight members per group and Kate acting as a supportive facilitator.

Book your Ripple Circle intro call with Kate today to secure your place.

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Is The Ripple Circle Right for You?

Naturally, with our shared passion for sustainability and advancing positive impact in business, Circle members think this group is the best thing since solar power! But we understand that The Ripple Circle's value might be less evident from the outside. So, if you're still trying to decide whether or not it’s right for you, here’s a handy breakdown...

The Ripple Circle is for you if...

  • You've been in a sustainability role for a few years and are transitioning into a senior sustainability role or are already in a managerial / 'Head of' role.
  • You like the idea of having regular access to a safe, inclusive, supportive community that’s open to discussing sustainability challenges and opportunities.
  • You're looking for a group of like- minded professionals that's small enough to allow you to have input, share thoughts, and make quality connections.
  • You're comfortable with a bespoke and evolving group model where collaboration and co-creation are the norm.
  • You'd like to receive tailored leadership development from an experienced professional through structured interactive coaching sessions and coaching circles.
  • You want solid, practical, actionable information and tools to take away and apply to your specific role, issues, and challenges.
  • You'd like to learn new skills and become more effective in your role through self-awareness and personal growth.
  • You're able to commit 90 minutes once per month to attending group sessions.

The Ripple Circle is not for you if...

  • You are a recent graduate or are just starting out in a sustainability position. This group is unlikely to be a great match for new starters.
  • You're looking for business networking or a platform for generating leads. No sales allowed here!
  • You'd like to make a lot of general connections with professionals across all areas of business, not just those working in sustainability.
  • You want a structured leadership and development programme with a fixed schedule of deliverables and outcomes.
  • You prefer to learn independently, through 1:1 development coaching, or in a large impersonal group.
  • You feel that general leadership, development, and training can help you to overcome the challenges you face.
  • You'd like to learn more about environmental and social impact and the latest sustainability news.
  • You don't have any time to spare to develop the leadership and people skills you need to lead sustainability within your organisation.

If you're looking for general leadership development and training with a sustainability lens, click here.

Your Secret Weapon for Success in Sustainability

Don't let the burden of all your organisation’s sustainability KPIs weigh you down.

Get the skills, support, and connection you need to flourish while ensuring your work has a positive ripple effect across your organisation and our world.

With The Ripple Circle, we'll find ways to do it... together!

Book a casual intro chat with Kate to find out more. She’ll give you the lowdown on The Ripple Circle and answer any questions you might have before you make any commitments.

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