Yorkshire Eco-Business Network

Who are we?

The Yorkshire Eco-Business Network is a not-for-profit network of leaders within organisations working towards becoming more ethical and sustainable.

Having been looking for a sustainability-focused group for business leaders in the North of England, Leadership Development professional Kate Smith set up the YEBN in 2021. The network continues to thrive, with founding members still involved and new people joining all the time.

Our purpose is to share knowledge and ideas that:

Further your own and your organisation’s sustainable practices
Create a stronger eco-friendly business community in Yorkshire and beyond

“YEBN has and continues to be a place for genuine people to explore the world of ‘doing good’ in business and life. It’s unlike any other network group I am part of. A relaxed and supportive place to learn and grow your business. I love Kate’s thoughtfulness and personable approach within our meetings. And the speaker slots have directly helped me to improve my actions in life and business. The group as a whole continues to be a place I look forward to coming back to, and I am always gutted if I can't attend."

- JK McQuinn, Where the Mind Grows

What are our principles?

  • To learn and share ideas: No one is an expert in all things sustainability or personal development. We’re all in the same boat. We can help each other to increase our knowledge and take positive action collectively.
  • Not for profit: There are no fees for joining the YEBN. All our online sessions are free. We occasionally arrange volunteering days, and some costs and expenses may be involved if you choose to come along.
  • Everyone is welcome: Regardless of the size of your organisation or your leadership role, you are welcome if you are interested in becoming a happier and more effective individual while helping to grow your organisation in a planet-positive way.

Join us

Who is it for?

If you are a leader within an organisation that is ready to become more sustainable or is already working towards becoming a greener business, we would love you to join us.

“Every business is unique and is part of a wider ecosystem that's unique too. But this is amplified when you're operating a sustainable business in a predominantly mainstream environment, and it can become quite isolating. So, being a part of a Yorkshire-based group of business leaders who 'get it' is wonderful. Being able to chat about our challenges and frustrations openly, share ideas on how to address issues within our local context, and celebrate our sustainability wins in a positive, supportive space is priceless. Overall, YEBN is a special and much-needed network and source of information."

- Tash Morgan-Etty, Write Rabbit

What are we not?

There are loads of networks and events out there for subject matter experts in the field of sustainability. The YEBN is different. We are here to support you and your organisation on your journey towards sustainability. We want eco-friendly businesses to become the norm, not the niche in their sectors.

We are also not a sales platform. Whilst we love expanding our networks and meeting like-minded people, ours is not a business generation network. We may choose to collaborate with others in the network, but that is done outside of our monthly sessions.

How does it work?

We are a small, friendly group dedicated to discovering more about how we can lead more regenerative lives and businesses.

We meet on Zoom every 2nd Friday of the month 9.30-11am.

Every other month we have a guest speaker on a sustainability topic,and in the alternate months, we have a wider group chat on any sustainability topic that takes our fancy!

All our sessions are free, and you can come to as many or as few as you wish.

How can you join?

You are welcome to come along to any YEBN session as a taster to see if it's right for you. Moving forward, Kate can add you to the mailing list and monthly meeting invite. Alternatively, you can keep an eye out for the LinkedIn posts Kate sends out and follow the link to register.
For more info and to join the Yorkshire Eco-Business Network, don't hesitate to get in touch with founder Kate Smith:

Contact Kate